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March 13-15, 2018 - Booth #5732
San Diego Convention Center - San Diego, CA

Attend the post-deadline presentation

Attend the post-deadline presentation by Guillaume Labroille, CTO at CAILabs, of our latest 45-mode selective spatial multiplexers on Thursday 15th, session II, at 4:30 PM

Read the article: Fabrication and Characterization of a Mode-selective 45-Mode Spatial Multiplexer based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion

New Upgrade on Proteus-C now selectively addressing up to 45-modes.

bandwidth illustration

Record: mode-selective 45-mode spatial multiplexing


  • 4 dB Insertion loss

  • 28 dB mode selectivity

  • C-band operation

  • Can be optimized for any graded-index fiber: 50/125 μm fiber, elliptical core fiber, etc.

Proteus platform: Mode Selective Spatial Multiplexer

PROTEUS by CAILabs is the best available spatial multiplexer from SDM, OAM or FSO research. Featured in two versions, Standard PROTEUS-S or Custom-made PROTEUS-C, the platform can meet all your needs for mode division multiplexing research and development from entry-level to the most advanced demands.

bandwidth illustration

PROTEUS-S Standard spatial multiplexer

  • Entry-level standard for research and development groups

  • 6 or 10 mode multiplexer

  • Low insertion loss and high mode selectivity

  • Ultra compact design

  • Optimized for commercially available few-mode fibers

savings illustration

PROTEUS-C Custom-made spatial multiplexer

  • Tailored to meet all your needs whether you work on SDM, OAM or FSO

  • Up to 15 mode multiplexer

  • Large bandwidth of operation

  • Low insertion loss and high mode selectivity

  • Optimized for standard or custom MMF or FMF or in free-space

Live demos

A live demo with Prysmian FMF will be showcased at Prysmian booth #1916.

A live PROTEUS demo will be showcased at CAILabs booth #5732.

Oral presentations

Don’t miss these presentations based on CAILabs’ technology!

Few-mode and Multicore Amplifiers for SDM Transmissions, (Invited Paper)

Tuesday, 13th at 5:00PM, session Tu3B.2, Room 1B

Laurent Bigot, Jean-Baptiste Trinel, Geraud Bouwmans, Esben Ravn Andresen, Yves Quiquempois; CNRS – Universite Lille 1, PhLAM, France.

The optical performances of few-mode and multicore fiber amplifiers will strongly influence the future of SDM for long-haul transmission. We review this topic with a special focus on a new generation of few-mode erbium-doped fiber.

Effect of Limited Aperture Size on a Retro-reflected Communication Link between a Ground Station and a UAV using Multiplexing of Orbital angular-momentum Beams

Tuesday, 13th at 3:00PM, session Tu2I.4, Room 8

Long Li1, Runzhou Zhang1, Peicheng Liao1, Hao Song1, Kaiheng Zou1, Guodong Xie1, Zhe Zhao1, Cong Liu1, Haoqian Song1, Kai Pang1, Guillaume Labroille2, Pu Jian2, Dmitry Starodubov1, Brittany Lynn3, Robert Bock4, Moshe Tur5, Alan E. Willner1;
1Univ. of Southern California, USA; 2CAILabs, France; 3Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center, USA; 4R-dEX System, USA; 5School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel.

We experimentally demonstrate and investigate the effect of limited aperture size on a 200-gbit/s retro-reflected free-space optical link between a ground station and a UAV up to ~100-m roundtrip distance by multiplexing 2 OAM beam


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