Space Division Multiplexing is a hot topic in the optical communication community.

Multiplexing in time, wavelength, polarization and phase have already been implemented in optical systems to increase their capacity. To keep expanding fiber capacity, space division multiplexing exploits the spatial dimension in the fibers, either by using multi-mode or multi-core fibers. CAILabs enables this capacity expansion by providing a leading edge spatial multiplexers and demultiplexers

PROTEUS by CAILabs is the best available spatial multiplexer for SDM research. Featured in two version, Standard PROTEUS-S or Custom-made PROTEUS-C, the platform can meet all your needs for mode division multiplexing research and development from an entry-level to the most advanced demands.


Optical fiber communication:


The PROTEUS multiplexer is perfectly designed for SDM in fiber optical communication. Now featuring up to 45 modes with low insertion loss and high selectivity, PROTEUS is a key component for various industrial and laboratory research groups and lead to groundbreaking results, including the transmission capacity world record from KDDI.

Free space communications:


Spatial diversity is used to increase the capacity and mitigate the atmospheric turbulence in free space communication. Our spatial multiplexers can be specifically manufactured with free space output. It has already been combined with optical systems communication such as drone or low orbit to earth.


Orbital Angular Momentum:


Orbital angular momentum (OAM) is an emerging topic in optical communications and in quantum optics. The PROTEUS multiplexer by CAILabs is capable can generate high number and high order of OAM. Its architecture is compatible with fiber or free space output.



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The performances of the PROTEUS spatial multiplexers have been extensively documented in peer-reviewed publications and conference proceedings, both by CAILabs and by its industrial and academic partners. Please visit the technical papers page for more details.

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