Space Division Multiplexing is a hot topic in the optical communication community.

Multiplexing in time, wavelength, polarization and phase have already been implemented in optical systems to increase their capacity. To keep expanding fiber capacity, space division multiplexing exploits the spatial dimension in the fibers, either by using multi-mode or multi-core fibers. CAILabs enables this capacity expansion by providing spatial multiplexers and demultiplexers for multi-mode fibers.

CAILabs’ PROTEUS multiplexers are tailored to the latest SDM research and provides the best interface between single-mode fibers and multi-mode passive or active components or fibers.

The performances of the PROTEUS spatial multiplexers have been extensively documented in peer-reviewed publications and conference proceedings, both by CAILabs and by its industrial and academic partners. Please visit the technical papers page for more details.

PROTEUS-C product sheet

PROTEUS-S product sheet

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