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AROONA for Mobile Networks

Cell site upgrade to C-RAN architecture, without changing existing multi-mode fibers


Evolutions in 4G LTE require high-bandwidth, high-reliability and low latency radio-access networks (RAN). Such assets can be found in a Centralized-RAN (C-RAN) architecture, through the centralization of the baseband units (BBU). Longer reach (up to 20 km) and higher data rates (up to 10 Gb/s) are required for CPRI transmission between remote radio heads (RRH) and BBUs.


When the legacy cell tower is equipped with multi-mode fibers (MMF) between the RRH and the base of the tower, the MMFs are incompatible with long reach transmission. They typically need to be replaced when upgrading the cell tower to C-RAN.


AROONA enables C-RAN upgrades for legacy towers without having to change fibers. This passive solution, placed at the tower base, allows the tower’s MMFs to be interfaced to the optical distribution network’s (ODN) single-mode fibers (SMFs).



AROONA: C-RAN upgrade for a MMF cell tower


  • Up to 16 RRH simultaneously upgraded
  • Passive solution to interface tower MMF to ODN SMF: no power consumption
  • One unit at the base of the tower, no installation required at the top of tower
  • Compatible with any communication protocol (CPRI, OBSAI, etc.)


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