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CANUNDA increases the accuracy and speed of laser marking, engraving and drilling

Laser micro-processing relates to processes with accuracies of a few tenths of a micron. This technology is widely used in industry to achieve fast and precise operations. For example, lasers are used to dice semiconductor wafers, drill interconnections between circuit layers or precisely mark medical equipment or car parts for traceability purposes. Hundreds of varied applications benefit from laser precision and speed.

Laser micro-processing can be further improved by defining the laser interaction zone with the material being processed. For example, a square beam minimizes redundant overlap areas in an ablation process while a matrix of spots allows parallelization. Pulsed lasers are often preferred for micro-processing applications because of their high cutting ability. With its component CANUNDA-PULSE, Cailabs offers a beam shaping solution that is compatible with pulsed micro-processing lasers, increasing both their quality and throughput.


A precisely shaped laser beam improves:

  • Quality: a shaped laser beam improves the area processed by each laser pulse. It reduces the volume of the heat affected zone and enables thinner detail engraving.
  • Speed: processing speed increases as the overlap is minimized and the interaction with the material is improved


The following micro-processing applications can benefit from laser beam shaping:

  • Marking & engraving
  • Thin film patterning
  • Chip bonding
  • Wafer dicing


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