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ICALEO Congress

October 14-18, 2018 - Orlando, FL, USA
Cailabs is attending ICALEO 2018 (14-18 October, Orlando, FL)!
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with our laser beam shaping experts at booth #11 and find out more about the CANUNDA solution by Cailabs.

CANUNDA-PULSE: New ultrafast laser beam shaper by Cailabs


CANUNDA-PULSE will be launched during ICALEO. It is the last variant of the flexible and versatile laser beam shaper platform developed by Cailabs.

CANUNDA-PULSE was specially designed to operate with ultrafast lasers’ high peak power and pulse energy. It features a unique misalignment mitigation design that minimizes the influence of the laser beam pointing and modal fluctuations on the output beam shape. CANUNDA-PULSE provides the ideal combination of shaping quality, efficiency and cost improving micro material processing applications.

Let’s meet on Booth #11 to find out more about our new product.


Cailabs & Amplitude Laser Group: a key partnership for the innovative micromachining markets


Two complementary solutions for a technological partnership

Cailabs has just announced the signature of a partnership with Amplitude Laser Group, global leader in the field of femtosecond lasers, solidifying its position in the innovative laser-processing sector.


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Interesting paper presentation


“Generation of high conical angle Bessel-Gauss beams with reflective axicons”

Authors: Pauline Boucher, Jesus Del Hoyo, Cyril Billet, Olivier Pinel, Guillaume Labroille, and François Courvoisier

Abstract: We report the generation of Bessel–Gauss beams of high conical angle, up to 35 deg, using reflective off-axis axicons and a magnification optical system. We experimentally characterize the beams with three-dimensional scans. The high precision of fabrication of the axicons in the vicinity of the axicon singularity allows us to generate a beam with intensity distribution close to analytical description.

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