200Gb/s Transmission over 20km of FMF Fiber using Mode Group Multiplexing and Direct Detection

ECOC (2018)

Kaoutar Benyahya [France]1, Christian Simonneau [France]2, AmirhosseinGhazisaeidi [France]3, Rafael Rios Muller [France]4, Marianne Bigot [France]5, Pierre Sillard [France]5, Pu Jian [France]6, Guillaume Labroille [France]7, JeremieRenaudier [France]4, Gabriel Charlet [France]4

Nokia Bell Labs1, Nokia bell-labs2, Nokia Bell-labs3, Nokia Bell-Labs4, Prysmian Group5, CAILABS6, Cailabs7


Abstract: We demonstrate 200Gb/s bidirectional transmission over 20km of step-index FMF fiber using selective excitation of 4 mode groups, direct detection and a single laser in each propagative direction.