Boitier TILBA-T


More powerful sources in laser communication and LiDARS

TILBA-T optimally combines several optical sources in a coherent or non-coherent manner, to increase their range and accuracy


Optimum beam combination

Gaussian or top-hat in coherent combination Minimum divergence beam in incoherent combination

High power handling

Maximum optical powers up to 10 kW

Combination of a large number of sources

Up to 10 inputs combined in a coherent manner or 45 in an incoherent manner
Schéma turbulence mitigating optical component for laser communication

TILBA-T in brief

Intended for free space optical communications and for LiDAR applications, the TILBA-T component increases the power and range of laser sources.

This product coherently or incoherently combines several laser sources so that the transmission power can be increased without it being necessary to invest in very powerful and expensive sources.

Able to support up to ten inputs in a coherent combination or 45 inputs in an incoherent combination of cumulative power of about ten kilowatts, TILBA-T can also optimize the properties of the beam such as its M2, its variance or its intensity or even generate annular shaped beams.

Do you want to increase the transmission range of your laser in free space?


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