Free space optical link demonstration using multi-plane light conversion turbulence mitigation


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Authors: Antonin Billaud1, Adeline Orieux1, Fausto Gomez Agis1, Kassem Saab1, Stéphane Bernard1, Thibault Michel1, David Allioux1, Olivier Pinel1, Guillaume Labroille1

1Cailabs (France)


We demonstrate turbulence mitigation in a free-space optical link without adaptive optics. A module consisting of an 8-mode Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) device connected to a photonic integrated chip (PIC) collects a perturbed beam and converts it into a fundamental mode propagating in a standard single-mode fiber (SMF). Module is tested on a 200-meter optical link at 1550 nm under different D/r0 conditions. Results are compared to simulations and laboratory experiments using calibrated turbulent phase plates. We show increased coupling efficiency and lower fading compared to SMF coupling, demonstrating that MPLC and PIC are a viable turbulence mitigation option.