4 x 50 Gb/s transmission over 4.4 km of multimode OM2 fiber with direct detection using mode group multiplexing

OFC Conference (2016)

Rubrique : Réseaux fibrés
Date de publication :

Authors: C. Simonneau1, A. D’amoto1, P. Jian2, G. Labroille2, J.-F. Morizur2, G. Charlet1

1 Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, 2 CAILabs

Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Tu2J.3 (2016).


We demonstrate 4x50Gb/s bidirectional transmission (100Gb/s in each direction) over 4.4km of OM2 fiber with direct detection and a selective excitation of 4 mode groups thanks to mode group multiplexers based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion.