Efficient and mode selective spatial mode multiplexer based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion

Optics Express (2014)

G. Labroille1, B. Denolle1, P. Jian1, P. Genevaux2, N. Treps1,3, J.-F. Morizur1

1 CAILabs, 2 Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, 3 Laboratoire Kastler Brossel

Optics Express 22, 15599 (2014).


Abstract: We designed and built a new type of spatial mode multiplexer, based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC), with very low intrinsic loss and high mode selectivity. In this first demonstration we show that a typical 3-mode multiplexer achieves a mode selectivity better than −23 dB and a total insertion efficiency of −4.1 dB (optical coating improvements could increase efficiency to −2.4 dB), across the full C-band. Moreover this multiplexer is able to perform any mode conversion, and we demonstrate its performance for the first 6 eigenmodes of a few-mode fiber: LP01, LP11a, LP11b, LP02, LP21a and LP21b.


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