Optical ground station for LEO-to-ground link utilizing a multi-plane light conversion device for turbulence mitigation

Photonics West 2023

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Authors: Matthieu Meunier, Domitille Schanne, Grégoire Vallet, Aubin Beauland, Pu Jian, David Allioux, Guillaume Labroille, Olivier Pinel

Cailabs, Rennes, FRANCE


Laser communication offers orders of magnitude higher throughput than RF with greater stealth and no frequency allocation. However, lasercom becomes truly competitive beyond 10 Gbps. At this data rate, fibered components, requiring SMF coupling, and thus turbulence mitigation become necessary. Cailabs develops an industrial product line of optical ground stations (OGS) based on its turbulence mitigation product. A pilot OGS has been assembled at Cailabs. Several telescopes, from 20 cm to 80 cm, are tested to evaluate, and qualify the system. This paper presents the latest results on OGS. Roadmap will also be presented with LEO-to-Ground link planned in 2023.