A High Mode Selectivity and Low Losses Spatial Mode Multiplexer for Transmission using Hybrid Separation

ICSOS 2023

Date de publication :

P. Genevaux1, G. Labroille2, J.-F. Morizur2, C. Simonneau1, G. Campbell3, P.-K. Lam3, N. Treps4, P. Brindel1, R. Rios-Muller1, J. Renaudier1, M. Salsi1, G. Charlet1

1 Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, 2 CAILabs, 3 Australian National University, 4 Laboratoire Kastler Brossel

European Conference on Optical Communications, We.1.1.5. (2014).

Abstract: We present a new spatial multiplexer based on a succession of transverse phases that limits modal crosstalk and injection loss. We demonstrate a three mode transmission experiment in 20km-long fiber using optical and digital mode separation.