Spatial reshaping of a squeezed state of light

ECOC (2011)

Date de publication :

J.-F. Morizur1,2, S. Armstrong1, N. Treps2, J. Janousek1, H.-A. Bachor1

1 Australian National University, 2 Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, 3 University of Queensland

The European Physical Journal D 61, 237 (2011).

Abstract: Reshaping the spatial profile, or mode, of a quantum state of light is one of the challenges in many quantum optics applications. We test the noise properties of a universal programmable mode converter and demonstrate that it can reshape the spatial mode of a beam while retaining its quantum properties. No detectable amount of noise is added to the light and only the standard transmission losses through conventional optical elements are found to affect the non-classical nature of the transformed light.