30 Gbit/s Transmission over 1 km of Conventional Multi-mode Fiber using Mode Group Multiplexing with OOK modulation and direct detection

ECOC (2015)

Rubrique : Réseaux fibrés
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G. Labroille1, P. Jian1, L. Garcia1, J.-B. Trinel2, R. Kassi3, L. Bigot2, J.-F. Morizur1


European Conference on Optical Communications, P.5.12 (2015)

Abstract: We demonstrate a 3×10 Gbit/s transmission with BER below 1E-11 over 1 km of conventional graded-index multi-mode fiber using OOK modulation and direct detection. Reach and capacity boosts are enabled by selective mode-group multiplexing based on Multi-Plane Light Converters in 3 full mode groups of an OM2 fiber.