665 and 947 b/s/Hz Ultra-highly Aggregate-Spectral-Efficient SDM/WDM Transmission over 6-Mode 19-Core Fibre Using DP-16QAM/64QAM Signals

ECOC (2016)

Rubrique : Réseaux fibrés
Date de publication :

Authors: D. Souma1, Y. Wakayama1, S. Beppu1, K. Igarashi1,2, K. Takeshima1, T. Tsuritani1, H. Taga1, I. Morita1, M. Suzuki1

1 KDDI R&D Laboratories, 2 Osaka University

European Conference on Optical Communications, Th.3.C.2 (2016).


665 and 947 b/s/Hz ultra-highly aggregate spectral-efficient SDM transmission over 9.8km 6-mode 19-core fibre has been successfully demonstrated using 5.7-GHz-spaced 5-Gbaud DP-16QAM/64QAM Nyquist WDM signals with pre-emphasis-based MDL compensation and cladding-pumped 6-mode pre-amplification.