Amplification of 5 modes carrying each 100Gb/s with a few mode EDFA

OFC Conference (2015)

Rubrique : Réseaux fibrés
Date de publication :

P. Genevaux1, C. Simonneau1, G. Le Cocq2, Y. Quiquempois2, L. Bigot2, J.-F. Morizur3, G. Charlet1

1 Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, 2 Phlam, 3 CAILabs

Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Tu3C.5 (2015).

Abstract: We built an optical Few Mode Amplifier supporting 5 modes. Careful design and characterization enable us to obtain moderate crosstalk for all modes. Simultaneous amplification of 100Gbits/ PDM-QPSK signal over 5 modes is demonstrated.