[WEBINAR] CANUNDA-HP fully reflective ring beam shaper for laser welding improvement

Date de publication : 16 mars 2021

Title: CANUNDA-HP 16kW fully reflective ring beam shaper for laser welding improvement

Duration: 45 minutes

Webinar content
Photo Gwenn Pastille3

Gwenn Pallier – Project & Product Manager at Cailabs

Gwenn Pallier holds a Masters’s degree in optical engineering from the Institute of Optics (Paris, France). As a project and product manager at Cailabs, she brings her expertise to the development and commercialization of innovative optical solutions, that optimize the quality and performance of laser machining processes.

Matthieu Pastille

Matthieu Meunier – Technical Project Manager at Cailabs

Matthieu Meunier is in charge of high-power based system designs, and coordinates all optical, mechanical, and electronics developments of custom and standard systems, from prototype to batch production.

Nicolas Gaillard Nb Pastille 1

Nicolas Gaillard – IWE welding engineer at Institut Maupertuis

IWE welding engineer at the Institut Maupertuis – LBW (laser beam welding) and HLAW (hybrid laser-arc welding) processes, Nicolas Gaillard holds a Master’s degree in Material Sciences from Polytech Nantes and a title of IWE welding engineer. He brings his expertise to carrying out laser and hybrid laser welding feasibility studies for customers: welding tests, weld characterization, reports, etc.