[WEBINAR] Incoherent combination of fibered QCL based on MultiPlane Light conversion technology

How the know-how of mirSense (QCLs), Le Verre Fluoré (IFG fibers & Fiber arrays) and Cailabs (MPLC combining system) can meet the power requirements in the MIR.

Rubrique : Réseaux Fibrés
Date de publication : 7 décembre 2021

Title: CANUNDA-SPLIT, laser beam splitting for micromachining efficiency

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar content

In this webinar, you will learn an efficient combination technique based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion, using IFG single mode fibers, bundles the excellent qualities of MIR quantum cascade lasers to enable higher output powers.


Tangi Le Guennic – Head of Customer Project Manager at Cailabs

Tangi Le Guennic, who holds Master’s degrees in materials science and optics, is a project and product manager at Cailabs. Tangi has a strong experience in R&D in developing optical sensors for aircraft systems as well as in industrial vision project management. At Cailabs, he works on the development and commercialization of innovative optical solutions for custom applications (defense, aeronautics, automotive, biomedical…).

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Laurine Bodin – Product Line Manager at Le Verre Fluoré

Laurine Bodin, who holds master’s degrees in photonics, is a project, process and product manager at LVF. Laurine has a strong experience in Industrialization of fiber based devices (fiber modules, patchcables, bundles,…).

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Mathieu Carras – PCo-founder and CEO at mirSenses

Mathieu is co-founder of mirSense. After many years in the electronics industry after a PhD in Quantum well devices, he decided to democratize the use of QCLs as a new mid infrared source for defence and spectroscopy. Since 2015, he has led mirSense to becoming a leader in the market of QCLs.