Effect of Limited Aperture Size on a Retro-reflected Communication Link Between a Ground Station and a UAV using Multiplexing of Orbital-Angular-Momentum Beams

OFC Conference (2018)

Long Li, Runzhou Zhang, Peicheng Liao, Hao Song, Kaiheng Zou, GuodongXie, Zhe Zhao, Cong Liu, Haoqian Song, Kai Pang, Guillaume Labroille, Pu Jian, Dmitry Starodubov, Brittany Lynn, Robert Bock, Moshe Tur, and Alan E. Willner


Optical Fiber Communication Conference, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2018), paper Tu2I.4


Abstract: We experimentally demonstrate and investigate the effect of limited aperture size on a 200-Gbit/s retro-reflected free-space optical link between a ground station and a UAV up to ~100-m roundtrip distance by multiplexing 2 OAM beams.


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