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Cailabs, a true master of laser light technology, deploys its cutting-edge technical expertise across various industries, including space. With tangible results and constant innovation, we have raised €46 million since our inception in 2013, demonstrating our undeniable value. Together, let’s shape a promising future through the power of light.

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30 Millions Euros

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7.9 Millions Euros

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5.5 Millions Euros

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2.6 Millions Euros

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“We have supported Cailabs since the beginning of its journey. We were particularly impressed by the technical depth of the team behind its creation. We saw in them a true ability to create a pioneer in the field of photonics, which quickly inspired confidence in the future of the company.”



Frederic Humbert Partner
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“Cailabs has established itself as a world leader in light shaping at a time when the use cases and applications of photonics technologies are growing rapidly across numerous sectors from industry and defense, all the way to Space. There is enormous expertise and experience in the team, and Cailabs is unquestionably one of the most exciting space tech companies operating today.”

Daniel Biedermann Investment Partner
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“We made the decision to support Cailabs very early on, motivated by the challenge that the technological complexity of this Deeptech and the strong specificity of the target markets represented at the time. We were impressed by the company’s ability to convert its expertise into viable and profitable verticals, with a precision in execution that is rare to encounter.”


Arnaud Delattre President
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“The disruptive technology of TILBA® offers promising prospects for satellite-ground optical communications. It represents a significant strategic advantage in this market with strong sovereign stakes. We are proud to contribute to the growth of this French startup, notably supported by the national Keraunos project, for which Cailabs has developed its pilot ground station.”

Nicolas Berdou Investment Director