Inventing the Optical Networks of the Future

PROTEUS enables R&D teams to shape the optical networks of the future. The product facilitates the multiplexing of multiple signals from standard optical fibers into several modes within the same output fiber


Standard spatial multiplexer for research    

PROTEUS-S delivers the optical performance of the PROTEUS range at an affordable price, optimized for commercially available optical fiber.

  • Wavelength: 1550 nm
  • 6, 10 or 15 modes
  • HG or LP modes
  • Multimode or few-mode output fiber: compatible with OM2, step-index or graded index fiber
  • Single-mode LC/PC or FC/APC connectors
Cailabs Proteus S Bd
Architecture Muxfmf Mmfdemux
MUX+FMF/MMF+DEMUX architecture
Cailabs Proteus C Hd Site
Cailabs Proteus C Fso Bd Site
PROTEUS-C – Free space output


Custom spatial multiplexer for all research needs                     

PROTEUS-C is specifically designed in collaboration with researchers to address all issues related to spatial multiplexing. This highly versatile product delivers record-breaking performance levels. Contact us to find out about our unique design solutions.

Multiple options available:

  • Fiber (multimode, few-mode) or free space output
  • Custom wavelength range (from 1 to 2 µm)
  • Number of modes: up to 45
  • Type of modes available: HG, LP OAM, LG

Cailabs PROTEUS Introduction and MPLC Technology

The PROTEUS solution is a robust spatial mode multiplexer for use in space division multiplexing. Unique amongst its peers in that it benefits from the technology Multi-Plane Light Conversion from Cailabs, it provides the largest number of modes on the market with the lowest optical losses and the best modal selectivity. With it, you can fulfill all your telecommunications shaping and multiplexing requirements, opening the way to an unprecedented increase in optical bandwidth over fiber optic cables

Cailabs Proteus C Vue3 4 Bd Detoure


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