Surface Processing

Scaling-up Surface Processing with Beam-shaping

By generating the optimal shape beam shaping enables surface processes to be improved. This guarantees significantly faster processes (x20 for LIPSS generation with a line top-hat compared without beam shaping) and good quality results (transition zones /5 with a square top-hat). Beam-splitting enables process yield increase too, and combining an optimal beam shaping with beam splitting paves the way to process yield increase (up to x200).

Bandeau Application Surface Processing 1260x350

CANUNDA-USP for Surface Processing

Inspired by the shapes of nature, surface texturing can be used to modify aerodynamic, aesthetic, tribological, or other properties of a material. By reducing the number of passes or by splitting the beam, laser beam shaping helps to reduce process times, which are still too long for an industrial use. Other surface processes, such as surface cleaning, are improved with an optimal beam-shaping as well. CANUNDA-USP is a laser beam shaping module based on Cailabs’ patented Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) technology. The fully reflective module is designed to withstand high-power femtosecond laser pulses with remarkable stability and can generate a high-quality Top-Hat beam enabling a fast and efficient texturing of large surfaces. Its unique mode-cleaning feature stabilize passively the input beam providing a stable beam shaping in all conditions.

Canunda Pulse
Surface Processing 04
Surface Processing 03
Surface Processing 06
Surface Processing 02
Surface Processing 05

The extended depth of field (up to x10) compared to other beam-shaping technology is key for having forgiving and robust laser processes compatible with the industry environment. Its design makes it easy to install on a laser micromachining system. CANUNDA-USP may provide flexible, robust and high quality beam-splitting compatible with high energy and power as well.

However, we also offer customized, flexible solutions to suit a variety of surface processing requirements (new beam-shapes, different spot sizes, split beams …). Each of our products is meticulously tailored to your industrial environment (scanner, laser….), offering seamless compatibility with all types of pulsed lasers.

Industrial Integration of CANUNDA-USP

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Beam expander
Galvo scanner
Canunda Lasea Beam Shaping 01
Beam intensity profile
Translation stage





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