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Light is the Future. And We are Shaping it.

Cailabs is a deeptech company specializing in photonics. Our field of action is vast and continually expanding: telecommunications, industry and now space. Join Cailabs to tackle the great challenges of tomorrow.


Our State of Mind

We are a team of 90 passionate and united collaborators, entrusted with the mission of shaping the future through light. We believe that diversity in backgrounds and skills is a source of innovation. Therefore, we promote a collaborative spirit and collective intellectual emulation. We also believe that the company should involve its employees in its evolution. In full growth, Cailabs is constantly evolving, presenting numerous opportunities for advancement to its employees.


Working at Cailabs Means:

Becoming part of a passionate team

Becoming part of a passionate team

Join a committed community, where diversity of backgrounds enriches our collective expertise.


Promoting a collaborative spirit

Promoting a collaborative spirit

Foster a team identity based on intellectual emulation and responsiveness.

Expressing one’s potential

Expressing one's potential

Grow within a dynamic and agile deep tech company, where everything is designed to enable everyone to develop their potential and innovate for a sustainable future.

Having access to cutting-edge equipment

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Use advanced technologies to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Sharing convivial moments

Sharing convivial moments

Enjoy moments of sharing and relaxation, strengthening the bond between colleagues.

Meet Our Teams

Discover the diversity and expertise behind our innovation: from R&D to customer success, explore the roles that drive our technological frontier.

Claire has been Technical Project Manager at Cailabs since March 2020. She tells us about her daily life at Cailabs.

Light on… Claire Autebert, Technical Project Manager

Meet Guillaume, Chief Technical Officer

Meet Domitille, Technical Project Manager

Julien Bayol is customer project manager at Cailabs. He tells us about his career with the company, from his beginnings as an intern to his current position, and describes his day-to-day life at Cailabs!

Light on… Julien Bayol, Customer Project Manager

Meet Thibault, Technical Project Manager

Meet Tangi, Head of customer project management

Anaïs is responsible for business software and applications at Cailabs. She provides support to Cailabs employees for standard settings and functionalities. She tells us about her daily life at the company!

Light on… Anaïs Saublet, ERP Manager

Meet Angélique, Head of Human Resources

Antoine is a precision mechanics technician at Cailabs. He talks to us about his job and his daily life at the company!

Light on… Antoine Andrillon, Precision Mechanics Technician

Jean has been Business Development Manager at Cailabs since March 2023. He tells us about his daily life at Cailabs.

Light on… Jean Menguy Business Development Manager

Our Offices

We are located in new, bright, and friendly premises in Rennes, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities essential for shaping the future of light. We also have a commercial representation office in Paris and an office in the United States, in Washington.

Cailabs 05 23 2000 41

Our Job Fields

Cailabs covers a wide range of technological fields, requiring numerous professions to succeed: research and development, production, customer relations, etc.

System Engineering

Optimize the design, development, integration, and validation of our products to meet customer needs.

Tilba Ogs


Contribute to the industrialization and continuously improve product performance.

Cailabs Salles Techniques

Expertise Centers

Design advanced solutions in specialized areas such as electronics, mechanics, software development, or digital simulations.

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Product Management

Define the strategy and oversee the development of product lines to meet customer needs.

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Support the company in its continuous improvement process.

Cailabs Salles Techniques

Customer Project Management

Orchestrate custom client projects while ensuring communication and customer satisfaction.

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Optimize production and work processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of our products.



Select the best products and suppliers to improve the quality and competitiveness of our products.



Continuously innovate by exploring new ideas and technologies to meet the challenges of our markets.

Cailabs Salles Techniques


Perform the assembly of our solutions for efficient, high-quality production that meets our customers’ expectations.

Cailabs Salles Techniques

Human Resources

Attract, develop, and enhance the talents within our teams.

Human Resources


Manage and optimize the flow and storage of goods.


Administrative Services

Support all daily operations and manage essential administrative tasks to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the company.

Administrative Services


Identify and develop lasting customer relationships by offering solutions tailored to their needs.



Strengthen our brand image by highlighting our innovations and successes.



Ensure financial health to support the growth and stability of the company.



Ensure the legal protection and compliance of the company’s activities.


And that’s not all

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Remuneration policy

Our teams receive fair compensation relative to the market, along with bonuses that recognize both collective and individual performances.

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Flexible organization

Cailabs has implemented a remote work charter.

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Social protection

The company covers 100% of health insurance costs for all employees.

Sustainable mobility package

The company promotes sustainable mobility (cycling, carpooling) through an annual bonus

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Comfortable working environment

Since 2022, all our employees have been working in new, bright and friendly premises that are, above all, technically adapted to our business.

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And also…

Employee representative committee (CSE), meal vouchers, time-off, lunch area, 1 fruit per day per employee, and more.

Figures that Speak for Themselves

1 18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90
1 5 8 10 13 15 18 20 23 25
1 7 11 14 18 21 25 28 32 35
Average age
1 7 11 14 18 21 25 28 32 35
Women in company
1 9 13 18 22 26 31 35 40 44
Women in managing team
1 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8
Number of nationalitites

Our recruitment process

HR Prequalification Interview
Visuel 1 Entretien De Préqualification

HR Prequalification Interview

To present your background and professional aspirations to our HR team.

Technical Prequalification
Visuel 2 Technical Préqualification

Technical Prequalification

To delve into the heart of the mission, the expected and sought-after technical skills, with the hiring manager

On-Site Interviews
Visuel 2 Entretien De Préqualification Tech

On-Site Interviews

To allow you to experience Cailabs (visit our premises, interact with teams) in addition to technical interviews.

Reference Check
Visuel 4 Reference Check

Reference Check

To get feedback on your professional experience.

During the internship application process, a prequalification interview with the manager, addressing aspects of the internship, tasks, and skills, will be followed by a discussion session with the HR team to address administrative questions.

They Talk About Us

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Jean-Francois Morizur

Discover the Rennes Business Story of Jean-Francois Morizur, co-founder and CEO of Cailabs.

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