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Improve any Laser Process with Beam Shaping

Shaping the beam optimises laser processes by distributing energy in a smart way. Depending on the shape we give the beam, we will be able to boost many process parameters (speed, precision, quality …). It may be used for laser cutting, hardening, cleaning, etc.

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Designed to improve laser processing, the CANUNDA range provides versatile and effective laser beam shaping. CANUNDA improves the quality, precision, speed and stability of processing for all types of laser source, whether single-mode or multimode, CW or pulsed, fibered or free-space.

The CANUNDA range of fully reflective solutions ensure stable, low-loss beam shaping capable of withstanding the high power of cutting or welding lasers or the high energy levels achieved by ultrashort pulse lasers for micromachining processes. 

The CANUNDA range includes the following solutions:
– CANUNDA-HP, a laser beam shaping platform designed to improve power laser processes (welding, cutting, additive manufacturing. etc.)
– CANUNDA-USP, modules designed for efficient and accurate ultrashort pulse laser beam shaping (round, square or line top-hat), to stabilize ultrashort lasers (Mode-Cleaner). It also allows different beam splitting patterns to be electronically selected, suitable for all industry standard machines.

– CANUNDA-AXICON, a reflective axicon that generates a high-quality Bessel beam for ultrashort pulse laser glass machining.

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