Case Studies

Fraunhofer Ilt, Germany
Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA-AXICON generates nanoscale surface structuring using a Bessel beam Read the article
Amplitude Micro Perçage
Industrial Laser Processing Amplitude improves the ablation efficiency onto Aluminum with CANUNDA-PULSE (micro-drilling) Read the article
Institut Maupertuis, France (copper Welding)
Industrial Laser Processing Improving Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding with the CANUNDA-HP Ring Shaper laser head Read the article
Lasea Canunda Pulse
Industrial Laser Processing LASEA optimizes its femtosecond laser microfluidic chip welding processes with CANUNDA-PULSE Read the article
Industrial Laser Processing ALPhANOV increases surface texturing process throughput with CANUNDA-PULSE Read the article
Light Conversion
Industrial Laser Processing Light Conversion and Cailabs demonstrate the compatibility of the CARBIDE laser with the CANUNDA-PULSE beam shaper Read the article
Amplitude Laser
Industrial Laser Processing Amplitude improves the riblet machining process with a CANUNDA-PULSE module Read the article
Industrial Laser Processing NCLA optimizes its laser micromachining processes with CANUNDA-SPLIT Read the article
Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA-SPLIT enables high efficiency femtosecond laser processing using beam splitting technology Read the article
Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA-SPLIT improves the tribological properties of metal surfaces Read the article
Laser Zentrum Hannover Ev
Industrial Laser Processing LZH increases glass dicing speed with Bessel beam, using CANUNDA-AXICON Read the article
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Industrial Laser Processing COHERENT improves coated glass cutting process using CANUNDA-AXICON Z-FLAT Read the article
Femto St
Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA-AXICON enables highest quality Bessel beam for glass drilling Read the article
University Of Southern California
Fiber Optic Networks The PROTEUS-C solution improves free space optical communication with airborne platforms Read the article
Fiber Optic Networks PROTEUS solution helps achieve world record 10 Pb/s throughput in a single optical fiber Read the article