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Reduce Time-consuming Preparations

Beam shaping enables us to obtain high-quality welds on tubular stainless-steel parts with gaps up to 0.4mm  (80 mm/s, 8 kW, 2mm thick). Thanks to an extended depth of field (+/-3mm), we can also guarantee shorter set-up times, lower scrap rates and improved reproducibility

Bandeau Application Steel Welding 1260x350

CANUNDA-HP for Steel Welding

Steel laser welding is a welding process that uses a concentrated laser beam to melt and fuse steel parts such as bipolar plates. Despite its popularity, laser steel welding still faces several challenges. The emphasis on beam shaping means that deep welding, gap treatment and compliance with rigorous quality standards, such as the quality of the weld on the rear face, can be tackled effectively.

Demonstratively, our approach led to a notable 1.5x expansion in weld seam size when compared to the traditional dual-core fiber method, especially evident on 6 mm thick 304L stainless steel sheets. Additionally, we’ve achieved a nine-fold reduction in welding time for expansive thick plates, using hybrid laser/arc welding (HLAW), and we’ve doubled the permissible gap for a compliant welding through dynamic beam shaping.

Steel Welding 01
Steel Welding Resualt
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Coupe With Gap

The standard shaping head, CANUNDA-HP, delivers a ring-shaped beam. This shaping guarantees industry-standard welds while increasing productivity and quality. In addition, the fully reflective design of the module and optimal cooling from the rear of the optics enable it to handle the very high powers up to 24kW with minimal focus shift.

However, we also offer customized, flexible solutions to suit a variety of Steel welding requirements. Each of our products is meticulously tailored to your industrial environment (scanner, robot arm …), offering seamless compatibility with all types of fiber lasers.

Industrial Integration of CANUNDA-HP

Start process Replay
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5 Axis Robot
5-axis robot



Collimating Mirror
LLKD Connector
MPLC Shaping mirror
MPLC Shaping mirror
MPLC Shaping mirror
Focusing Mirror
Beam intensity profile obtained




The Custodian project : improving laser welding with dynamic beam shaping using CANUNDA-HP Custom Shaper

Cailabs and Institut Maupertuis improve laser beam welding of stainless steel with CANUNDA-HP

Webinar replay: CANUNDA-HP fully reflective ring beam shaper for laser welding improvement

Webinar replay

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