Improving Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding with the CANUNDA-HP Ring Shaper laser head

Institut Maupertuis, France (Laser-Arc Welding)

Institut Maupertuis, France (copper Welding)
The partner

Institut Maupertuis, a French center of industrial expertise with a test platform and high-quality devices, specializes in high-power laser processes such as laser welding, laser cutting and additive manufacturing. The institute seeks to offer new solutions to the issues faced by its industrial partners.

The application

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW) is a metal joining process that uses a multi-kW laser and an electric arc in the same weld pool. This technique is used in the automotive and shipbuilding industries.

The problem

The main advantage of HLAW is that it enables a greater penetration depth and better fit-up tolerance when welding sheets with a gap. Institut Maupertuis wanted to develop new solutions for high-power gap welding of thicker sheets.

The CANUNDA-HP solution

The CANUNDA-HP Ring Shaper laser head delivers a ring-shaped beam in the process plane. With a fully reflective design based on Cailabs’ MPLC technology and with optimal cooling of the optics, it can handle very high power while reducing focus shift.

“We worked on welding large beams, which we currently do with multi-pass arc welding. With the combination of the CANUNDA laser head at 16kW and an electric arc, we can now produce good quality welds in a single pass”.

David Lemaitre, Technical Director, Institut Maupertuis

Industrial integration of CANUNDA-HP Ring Shaper

The CANUNDA-HP Ring Shaper laser head was installed on a robot arm in parallel with a MAG welding station to perform hybrid laser/arc butt welding on 28 mm thick S355 steel sheets, with Arcal Force shielding gas, at a speed of 0.8 mm/s. Welds compliant with industrial standard NF EN ISO 12932 were achieved.

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