ALPhANOV increases surface texturing process throughput with CANUNDA-PULSE

ALPhANOV, France


The partner

ALPhANOV, French research center specialized in optics, uses its expertise in laser processes and micro-machining to boost innovation through research-industry collaboration. It is investigating, developing, and characterizing laser surface functionalization, among other processes.

The application

Laser surface texturing or functionalization consists of modifying the properties of a surface by engraving a texture on a micro or nanoscale using laser irradiation. For example, surfaces can be made hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antibacterial, or have light-trapping properties.

The issue

AlphaNov aims to facilitate the industrial integration of Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structures (LIPSS), a process used in particular to confer light-trapping properties to a surface. This industrialization is enabled by the use of a robust, efficient beam shaper that is compatible with femtosecond lasers, thus allowing optimal energy delivery.

The CANUNDA-PULSE solution

CANUNDA-PULSE is a high quality “top-hat” beam shaper. Based on our patented MPLC technology, it is completely reflective by design and was conceived to handle high-energy femtosecond pulses with great stability. To ensure compatibility with beam instabilities, mode cleaning compensates for all USP laser output beam fluctuations, even during long, intensive operating periods.

“The implementation of beam shaping strategies, which allows the use of all available power from the latest generation of femtosecond laser sources (hundreds of W), opens up great possibilities for the exploitation of MPLC technology in the industrial fields.

G. Mincuzzi (ALPhANOV)

Industrial integration of CANUNDA-PULSE

CANUNDA-PULSE was installed on a femtosecond laser micro-machining station to generate surface structures on 316L stainless steel, thus conferring light-trapping properties to the surface and giving a deep black coloration to the sample.

Image 10
Intensity profile (log scale) of the line produced by the CANUNDA-PULSE module