CANUNDA-AXICON enables highest quality Bessel beam for glass drilling

FEMTO-ST, France

Femto St
The partner

Located in Besançon, France, the FEMTO-ST Institute is a research center aossociated with the CNRS, investigating, among other subjects, innovative laser drilling/cutting processes for fast, precise and efficient glass machining. Having identified so-called “Bessel beams” as a promising beam shape for glass processing with femtosecond lasers, they needed a beam shaper able to produce high quality Bessel beams while handling the many constraints that come with such lasers.


Cailabs’ CANUNDA-AXICON is a reflective axicon manufactured with extreme precision. While the manufacturing precision allows the axicon to generate Bessel beams with the highest quality found in literature, its reflective nature allows it to handle high-energy femtosecond pulses with great stability. This makes it possible to drill high aspect-ratio channels, with a homogeneous ablation profile and a diameter down to the nanometer scale.