Our Commitments

At Cailabs, we are deeply committed to contributing positively to human well-being, societal progress and environmental sustainability.

Hand Holding Earth

We champion equal opportunities

  • Our gender equality index, which assesses pay equality, salary progression, and equality at the managerial level, stands at 93 out of 100.
  • We have endorsed the French Tech Gender Equality charter.
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Human Rights

We stand up for the protection of human rights

Together with our partners, we engage in an ongoing effort to better understand the usage of our technology and continuously improve it. We trust them in making sure its deployment is grounded in human rights and respects all standards and regulations. Moreover, we don’t design nor sell systems that directly harm the physical integrity of persons or populations’.

High Quality Education

We advocate for ensuring access to high-quality education

Cailabs is committed to expanding access to high-quality education. Our employees have the opportunity to take actions in this direction for up to 35 working days each year. In the past, our team members have undertaken initiatives in middle and high schools to encourage women to pursue careers in the field of sciences. Additionally, Cailabs has sponsored student hackathons addressing space-related challenges.

Environmental Footprint

We control our environmental footprint

Every year, we conduct a carbon footprint assessment. Two of our products contribute to a positive environmental impact: AROONA serves as an alternative to the total replacement of a network system, while CANUNDA enables electric vehicle batteries welding. Moreover, Cailabs encourages sustainable mobility among its employees, providing a bonus of up to 400 euros for those who make use of it.