Shaping the Future of Light

Cailabs shapes laser light to enable faster, safer, more reliable and precise solutions, from industrial processes to data transmission, from Earth to Space

The Future is Light

We believe in the transformative potential of light. We push the boundaries of what is possibleaccelerate the progress of the world, and pave the way for a bright future, thanks to laser light.

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3-8 aug. Aerospace and Defense

SmallSat Conference 2024

Logan, UT, USA
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3-8 aug. 2024 Conference

Table Top : 267

SmallSat Conference 2024 Logan, UT, USA

The Small Satellite Conference is held at Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA. All sessions will be live and streamed online.

Meet our Cailabs team Jeff Huggins,President, Cailabs US Inc. and Ashley Fabioux, Business development manager on our booth 267.

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15-19 sep. Conference

LANE 2024

Fürth, Germany
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15-19 sep. 2024 Conference LANE 2024 Fürth, Germany

Modern research has to act on social, economic and environmental developments to provide solutions for the existing and upcoming global challenges. For this reason, LANE offers a platform for an international exchange of ideas, opinions, perspectives, results and solutions concerning photonic technologies. In order to give a detailed overview, the conference aims not only at scientific contributions, but integrates the industrial perspective and their relevance for application as well.

16-20 sep. Aerospace and Defense

World Space Business Week

Paris, France
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16-20 sep. 2024 Conference World Space Business Week Paris, France

The World Space Business Week – the leading global business space event

Don’t miss Jean-François Morizur’s talk on September 17 from 3:45 pm on the panel “The rise of Optical Communications”.
He will exchange views with Andrew Csizmar, Sr. Director Small Satellites of Honeywell, Mina Mitry CEO & Co-founder of Kepler Communications, Thomas Reinartz, CEO of TESAT and Mustafa Veziroglu, CEO of Mynaric.

17 sep. Aerospace and Defense

EPIC Technologie Meeting on Photonics for New Space

Noordwijk, The Netherlands
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17 sep. 2024 Conference EPIC Technologie Meeting on Photonics for New Space Noordwijk, The Netherlands

This exclusive event focuses on the forefront of NewSpace, with a dedicated emphasis on optical communication.

Don’t miss Cailabs’ contribution to Session 2: Solution Providers for new space challenges, starting at 3.15pm.

17-18 sep. Aerospace and Defense

Space Defense & Security Summit

Paris, France
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17-18 sep. 2024 Event Space Defense & Security Summit Paris, France

This event will run in parallel with the highly anticipated 27th edition of the World Space Business Week (WSBW), creating a dynamic synergy that amplifies opportunities for all participants.

Cailabs is pleased to sponsor this event.

18-19 sep. Aerospace and Defense

ESA Industry Space Days 2024

Noordwijk, Netherlands
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18-19 sep. 2024 Trade show

Booth : #E15

ESA Industry Space Days 2024 Noordwijk, Netherlands

The ISD is organised by the SME section in the ESA Directorate of Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness to foster cooperation between different actors in the entire space sector.

Key elements of the event include:

➔ pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings to establish new contacts in an efficient and time-saving manner

➔ an exhibition with ESA and industry booths and the possibility to engage with future partners

➔ keynotes and panel discussions with contributions by ESA, industry, investors and institutional partners

➔ ESA presentations and workshops about business opportunities and future activities

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Grand Prix VIE 2024
Corporate Cailabs awarded Grand Prix V.I.E 2024 for International Business Internship Program More info

Transforming the World of Light

Cailabs masters laser light. We leverage our scientific expertise and optimal engineering to deliver innovative applications that have proven results for different industries.

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