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A wide range of materials (titanium, nickel, precious metals, etc.) can be welded, which leads to several challenges. Beam shaping allows the energy to be distributed optimally over the welding zone, improving the quality of the weld, and reducing process time.

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CANUNDA-HP for Laser Welding

The standard shaping head, CANUNDA-HP, emits a continuous beam which concentrates the power in the appropriate areas, using beam shaping. This technology ensures industrial-quality welds. The fully reflective design of our modules, combined with optimal cooling from the rear of the optics, gives our products the robustness required to withstand the extreme power demands of laser welding.

However, we also offer customized, flexible solutions to suit a variety of laser welding requirements (new beam-shapes, different spot sizes, specific mechanical designs …). Each of our products is meticulously tailored to your industrial environment (scanner, robot arm …), offering seamless compatibility with all types of fiber lasers.

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