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Developing New Additive Manufacturing Methods

There are many applications for additive manufacturing using lasers. However, most of them are still recent processes and have many shortcomings (cracking, porosity, manufacturing time, precision, etc.). Beam shaping makes it possible to reduce these defects by optimising the energy distribution.

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CANUNDA-HP for Laser Additive Manufacturing

The CANUNDA-HP beam-shaper is a compact system designed to handle high-power applications. Its fully reflective design based on MPLC technology delivers a tailored stable intensity profile to optimize each process.

We offer customized, flexible solutions to suit a variety of additive manufacturing requirements (new beam-shapes, different spot sizes, specific mechanical designs …). Each of our products is meticulously tailored to your industrial environment (scanner, additive manufacturing machine …), offering seamless compatibility with all types of lasers at all wavelengths (from green lasers to CO2 lasers).

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