NCLA optimizes its laser micromachining processes with CANUNDA-SPLIT

NCLA, Ireland

The partner

The National Centre for Laser Applications (NCLA) is a research center at the National University of Ireland, Galway, which is focused on laser materials processing research and development with the aim of developing innovative industrial solutions.

The application

Micro-drilling and micro-milling are common tasks performed by industry. Ultra-short pulse lasers greatly improve these processes and are therefore experiencing a growing interest from manufacturers.

The issue

NCLA is working to develop solutions to improve the performance of micro-drilling and micro-milling processes using ultra-short lasers. Parallel machining is one of the most promising solutions, but it requires a beam splitting technology that is compatible with these high power lasers.

The CANUNDA-SPLIT solution

CANUNDA-SPLIT is a beam splitting module which can be used for parallel machining. With its fully reflective design, this module can handle high energy femtosecond laser pulses with stability. CANUNDA-SPLIT makes it possible to select different beam splitting patterns (number of spots, etc.). This solution can also be easily integrated in an industrial environment.

“CANUNDA-SPLIT produces high quality uniform beam splitting in a galvo configuration. For processing of periodic features, it enables much increased throughput particularly for micromachined periodic features where a large number of motion paths are required.”

Alan Conneely, NCLA Centre Manager

Industrial integration of CANUNDA-SPLIT

CANUNDA-SPLIT was used at NCLA’s premises on an optical bench to perform micro-drilling and micro-milling on stainless steel.

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