CANUNDA-SPLIT improves the tribological properties of metal surfaces


The partner

MANUTECH-USD is a French economic interest grouping that brings together public research and industry stakeholders. It specializes in engineering and developing femtosecond laser surface functionalization solutions for all types of materials across all industrial applications.

The application

Surface texturing makes it possible to modify the properties of a surface by engraving sub-micrometric or nanometric structures on it. For example, the tribological properties of a surface can be modified to reduce friction between parts and increase their efficiency.

The problem

For surface texturing processes to work on an industrial scale, their performance needs to be improved. One promising solution is parallel machining, which opens up new opportunities for fast texturing of large surfaces.

The CANUNDA-SPLIT solution

CANUNDA-SPLIT is a beam splitting module which can be used for parallel machining. The module’s fully reflective design is compatible with high power femtosecond laser pulses.

CANUNDA-SPLIT makes it possible to select different beam splitting patterns (number of spots, etc.). This solution can also be easily integrated in an industrial environment.

“The combination of an adapted strategy and multi-point machining with CANUNDA-SPLIT is the winning formula for achieving industrial texturing processing times!

Yoan Di Maio, Research and Development Engineer, MANUTECH-USD

Industrial integration of CANUNDA-SPLIT

The CANUNDA-SPLIT module was installed on a femtosecond micromachining platform at MANUTECH-USD’s premises.

The objective was to improve the tribological properties of stainless steel and nickel samples by drilling 400 microcavities of 40 µm diameter spaced 50 µm apart.

Image 5