An optimal tailored beam-shape to improve copper welding with a 1µm 8kW laser

Photonics West 2023

Publication date: 2023

Authors: Matthieu Meunier1, Avinash Kumar1, Nicolas Gaillard2, Gwenn Pallier1, David Lemaitre2, Guillaume Labroille1

1- Cailabs, Rennes, FRANCE 

2- Institut Maupertuis, Bruz, FRANCE 


The laser technology is key to the development of the e-mobility. We demonstrate how an optimal laser beam shaping enables high speed and high quality copper welding for the battery cells manufacturing.

The beam shaping parameters are explored and optimized and the optical performance is assessed. The process window is described for four sets of shape parameters as well as the comparison with an unshaped beam. The quality in each cases for different speed and average power is discussed. An optimal process at 6m/min and 8kW is obtained. At last, different welding configuration, such as transparent welding, are described.