AROONA serves digitization of ski resorts

2 Alpes Ski Resort, France

2 Alpes Ski Resort
The issue

To respond to the increasing needs of high bandwidth required for the deployment of new digital services at the top of its ski slopes, the ski resort les Deux Alpes wished to partially renovate its optical fiber links in order to support the transmitted bit rates. This renewal required an upgrade of the cable infrastructure located under some of the ski lifts.

The AROONA solution

Taking into account the specific constraints of the mountain environment, the company Deux Alpes Loisirs avoided a long and costly new fiber deployment by choosing the passive AROONA solution by Cailabs. AROONA allows the existing fiber infrastructure to be recycled and to transport high bit rates links without a hassle.

The benefits of the solution
  • 6 times less expensive than an infrastructure
  • 1 day of installation to connect 5 multimode fiber links in a single high broadband link of 3.3 km [2 mi]
  • 20 Gb/s bandwidth instead of being limited at 50 Mb/s