AROONA serves digitization of ski resorts

Paradiski Ski Area, France

Paradiski Ski Area
The issue

The Paradiski area is in need of 10 Gb/s links between its two ski areas as part of a BCP (Business Continuity Plan). However, the 22 km-long [13.7 mi] optical link between the resorts’ two data centers includes a 2 km [1.25 mi] stretch of OM1 multimode fibers, which are limited in speed to 100 Mb/s and insufficient for the BCP. Given the complexity of the sites, redeploying new-generation optical fibers on this limited section was out of the question.

The AROONA solution

Paradiski opted for the AROONA-STAR solution, which increases the bandwidth of the existing multi-mode links in a short period of time and without any construction work so that high-speed links between the two resorts could be installed.

The benefits of the solution
  • A BCP made possible thanks to the upgrade of the MMFs
  • Half-day installation for a SMF/MMF/SMF link in difficult deployment conditions
  • 10 Gb/s per fiber pair instead of being limited to 100 Mb/s