AROONA offers high bandwidth on a highly secure industrial site

Steel Factory, France

Steel Factory
The issue

The company wants to upgrade its network infrastructure and secure it by forming an optical loop that will be compatible with the already installed singlemode fiber. The objective is to obtain a minimum of 1Gb/s to support the high bandwidth requirements of the industrial site. Today one of the links, made up of OM1 multimode fibers, 2200 m and 600 m in length, currently has a bandwidth of only 10 Mb/s. The site, which meets important safety standards, is difficult to access, making the installation of optical fibers on this protected site difficult.

The AROONA solution

The AROONA-STAR solution from Cailabs guarantees a bandwidth > 10 Gb/s using existing multimode fiber. AROONA is quickly installed (3 hours), without interfering with other activities, at a cost 10 times less than installing new optical fibers, which would have been extremely expensive and complex on such a secure site.

The benefits of the solution
  • Increase in network bandwidth by a factor of 3000, with an increase from 10 Mb/s to 30 Gb/s.
  • 3 hours installation time to upgrade the 2 multimode links in contrast with the difficult and long duration work that would be required to install new fibers.
  • 10 x cheaper than an installation of new optical fibers