A standard spatial multiplexer for research

The product PROTEUS-S offers the optical performance of the PROTEUS range at an affordable price, optimized for commercially available fibers.


Optimized for commercial fibers

Designed specifically for mode multiplexing applications over commercial few-mode or multimode fibers

Unparalleled optical performance

Low optical losses and record modal selectivity

A 6 to 10 mode multiplexer available at an affordable price

Entry-level product for starting research in space division multiplexing

PROTEUS-S in brief

The standard product PROTEUS-S is an entry-level spatial multiplexer/demultiplexer. Able to multiplex 6 or 10 modes, PROTEUS-S is available for a whole range of commercially available fibers. Thanks to the Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology from Cailabs, this affordable multiplexer offers unparalleled optical performance: very low insertion losses and record modal selectivity.

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