Shaping of high-power laser beams for laser processing

CANUNDA-HP is the high-power version of the CANUNDA solution. This laser beam shaping platform is explicitly designed to improve high power laser processes


Optimum beam shape

Precise and varied shaping while maintaining ideal beam quality

High power handling

Works with high power lasers up to 10 kW

Simple sytem integration

Available as an OEM version for integration in the laser chain or in a turnkey system

CANUNDA-HP in brief

CANUNDA-HP is an efficient high-power beam shaper platform based on Cailabs’ patented Multi-Plane Light Conversion. It reshapes multiple laser beams from either singlemode or multimode lasers to create tailored intensity patterns with optimal beam quality.


CANUNDA-HP is particularly suited to beam shaping of highly multimode lasers with total operating powers of several kilowatts. Tailored and adaptable beam shapes are a key factor in improving high-power laser material processing quality and throughput.


Do you want to improve the performance of laser material processing?


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