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Corporate SSC engages Cailabs to build its first optical ground station Read the article
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Aerospace and Defense Cailabs’ laser communication technologies identified as strategic by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Read the article
Cailabs Bandeau Partenaire Comtrol Pageweb 2021 1150x500
Fiber networks Cailabs announces partnership with UK distributor Comtrol… Read the article
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Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA in the press: “The Pandemic Is Driving Innovative Microfluidic Disease Detection” Read the article
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Corporate Gender Equality Index: Cailabs committed to gender equality in the workplace Read the article
Cailabs Aroona Prix Apolan 2021 1150 500
Fiber networks Cailabs receives a new innovation award for its AROONA solution… Read the article
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Corporate Article about Beam Shaping: “Perche il Beam Shaping è così importante?” Read the article
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Industrial Laser Processing Cailabs releases a new beam shaping module for green ultrashort pulse lasers Read the article
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Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA in the press: “Microfluidic chip sealing using femtosecond lasers” Read the article
A Coriolis C Solo Robot Arm With The Cailabs Fiber Placement Head Shown At
Industrial Laser Processing CANUNDA in the press: “Improved automated fiber placement with a fully reflective top-hat shaper” Read the article