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CAILabs is a French technology start-up, specialized in optical beam shaping. Meet our team and our partners, learn about our flexible multi-plane light conversion technology, and discover our products for telecommunications and industrial laser processes.

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CAILabs announced the release of their Canunda-MP laser beam shaping platform today. Canunda-MP was specifically designed for high energy lasers.

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High-Capacity Free-Space Optical Communications Between a Ground Transmitter and a Ground Receiver via a UAV Using Multiplexing of Multiple Orbital-Angular-Momentum Beams


The use of spatial modes to increase the capacity of data transmission also finds applications in other fields than fiber communication.

The group of Alan Willner at the University of Southern California has demonstrated a transmission in free-space between the ground and a moving drone at 80 Gb/s with the use of multiple spatial channels. These spatial modes are based on « twisted light modes ». Twisted light is particularly interesting for free-space communication because it is less sensitive to misalignment and atmospheric turbulence. CAILabs’ technology enables to multiplex different « twisting order » and use them as independent channels of communication, increasing the capacity of free-space data transmission.

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Dec 19, 2017

CAILabs participera au forum de recrutement Cyber Sécurité le 29 novembre à Rennes pour rencontrer de jeunes talents. Stages, CDD et CDI à pourvoir !

Nov 22, 2017