CAILabs is a French start-up, based in Rennes, providing innovative photonics solutions to harness the full potential of optical fibers. We develop and manufacture a large range of light shaping components based on our patented, efficient and flexible technology of Multi-Plane Light Conversion. At the core of CAILabs lies a new way to manipulate light, the Multi Plane Light Conversion. Invented at the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel by CAILabs’ founders in 2010, this technique was originally developed as a quantum optics tool. In 2011, a scientific discussion with senior researchers at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs allowed to identify its application to fiber optics communication, sparkling the inception of CAILabs.

Since its inception in June 2013, CAILabs has been marketing innovative photonics products to solve critical industrial problems. We have benefited from the investment of leading technology seed funds and from the support and guidance of a small group of entrepreneurs.




Fundamental innovations in optics are rare but make a lasting impact. At CAILabs, we are a dynamic and passionate team focused on bringing our technology of Multi-Plane Light Conversion to the market. We believe that our combined expertise in optics and in industry provides essential, innovative photonics solutions to decisive industrial challenges.



Jean-François Morizur, PhD


Jean-François combines scientific and business expertise.

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Guillaume Labroille, PhD


Guillaume is an expert in optics and telecommunications.

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Prof. Nicolas Treps, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Nicolas is an internationally recognized expert in quantum optics.

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Innovacom has invested since its creation in 1988 more than one billion euros in hundreds of digital start-up companies. Investments include: Business Objects, ByteMobile, Digitick, Gemplus, Infovista, Intershop, Inventel, Kelkoo,, Netcentrex, Netezza, Soitec, Steek, Streamezzo and Tumbleweed. Through its seed fund and capital development funds, Innovacom is an investor in the initial phases of company development.

The seed fund technocom2 is financed by CDC Partners as part of the Fond Nationals d’Amorcage which it manages for the French state in the “program of investment for the future”, together with investments from Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Groupe Seb and Soitec as strategic partners in the fund.

Kima Ventures

The Kima Ventures fund was started in 2010 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Their goal is to support and finance innovative companies with seed capital all over the world. Kima Ventures invests in innovative companies at the seed stage. They mainly consider projects in the internet industry at large, as well as mobile, video games, software and telecom applications.

Safran Corporate Ventures

Safran Corporate Ventures is the corporate venture subsidiary of Safran. It funds start-ups that have developed breakthrough or disruptive technologies. Since its creation in 2015, Safran Corporate Ventures has funded seven innovative companies in different markets of interest for the Group.

Starquest Capital

Founded in 2008, Startquest invests in companies with high technology content. In few years, Starquest has become the second most important investor on this business segment in France with more than 30 participations per year.

Business Angels

CAILabs has benefited since its beginning from the support and guidance of a small group of entrepreneurs.