Laser materiel processing is one of the most common application of laser technology. Several methods are used to improve these industrial process. One of these methods is beam-shaping that allows to maximize the laser energy available for the process and optimize the local effect. Laser beam shaping increases the processing speed at a given laser power but also to improve the process quality, reducing the amount of raw material and therefore the product cost. CAILabs enables laser beam shaping capacity expansion by providing flexible high-power laser beam shaping systems. CAILabs’ CANUNDA systems are tailored to allow any laser beam reshaping for many applications from metal sheet processing to fine material processing. It is a flexible and efficient beam reshaping and combining tool. CANUNDA is available in two platforms.


Canunda-HP is specially designed for high-power beam reshaping including strongly multimode beams up to 10 kW CW. It is carefully designed to minimize optical losses and manage thermal effects.


Canunda-MP is a versatile mid-power beam-shaper based on the CAILabs R&D multiplexer platform. It can reshape up to ten single-mode beams from lasers operating either in pulsed or continuous regime with up to 100 W of total average power. Canunda-MP can reshape beams with different wavelengths with minimal beam quality degradations.