Efficient and flexible light reshaping

CAILabs’ Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) technology allows for efficient and flexible light reshaping.


It can transform the spatial shape (mode) of a coherent input beam to any desired output shape with full phase control and very limited losses.


Furthermore, multiple input beams can be transformed simultaneously into any desired set of orthogonal output modes, without increased losses.


How does it work?

The Multi-Plane Light Conversion was originally invented for the multimode quantum optics field, where lossless conversion of spatial modes is a key element.


Group theory [1] proves that any spatial reshaping of a light beam can be built with a succession of transverse phase profiles and optical Fourier transforms. However, the high number of transverse profiles required by the group theory approach makes it impossible to implement.


Our unique approach [2], born of the combined expertise in optics of our researchers, brings down the number of phase profiles (implemented by reflections on a phase plate) to manageable levels and enables the integration of the transform in a compact package [3].





Single wavelength, color for illustration only