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Since 2013, Cailabs has raised 16.6 million euros from investment funds.

Recognized institutional investors

During its creation in 2013, Cailabs benefited from the support of Innovacom, a start-up fund specializing in cutting-edge technology together with a small group of entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, Cailabs has raised 16.6 million euros from investment funds Innovacom, Kima Ventures, Safran Corporate Ventures, Starquest Capital, Supernova InvestDefinvest, Ministry of the Armed Forces’ fund managed by Bpifrance and business angels.


Fundraising in November 2013

A pioneer in innovation capital in France, Innovacom has invested nearly a billion euros since 1988 and in so doing assisted several hundred digital startups. Recognized as the specialist in highly technological projects, Innovacom has participated in several tens of stock exchange IPOs, some 150 corporate buyouts and has been involved in some of the most successful and iconic examples of French innovation (Business Objects,Gemplus,, Inventel, Soitec,, Digitick). Its most recent success stories relate to a wide range of sectors such as video games, medical imaging or, most recently, components for smartphones as produced by Licorne Heptagon.


Fundraising in February 2014

Kima Ventures is a French investment fund created in 2010 by Xavier Niel, CEO of Free and iconic figure of the startup ecosystem in France, and Jérémie Berrebi, entrepreneur and well known business angel. The fund invests in the young innovative shoots of industry, notably in the telecoms, video games, Internet and mobile sectors. Notably, it has invested in Transferwise and Afrimarket (international money transfer), Leetchi (online money pot) and Lyft (carsharing site).


Fundraising in July 2016

Started in 2008, Starquest is a capital investment structure dedicated to industrial innovation. Currently, it supports today more than 100 young companies, with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, cyber security and industrial components with a very high value added. Starquest has become one of the key players in French venture capital with more than 30 operations per year.


Fundraising in July 2017

Safran is an international high technology group, a first division components supplier in the aerospace and defense sectors. To respond to markets developments, the group is committed to research and development programs which in 2016 represented expenditure of 1.7 billion euros.

Safran Corporate Ventures is the corporate venture subsidiary of Safran with the financing of startups or innovative technology-based SMEs as its mission.


Fundraising in October 2019

Supernova Invest is the pioneering management company and leader of deep tech investment in France, managing and advising 5 funds totaling 260 million euros. As a specialist in investment in disruptive technology start-ups, the company was accompanied by her partners UNEXO and Crédit Agricole Ille-et-Vilaine Expansion on this round table.

With the participation of Definvest which, initially endowed with 50 million euros by the Ministry of the Armed Forces, combines the complementary expertise of the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) and Bpifrance. The fund aims to take stakes in the capital of the valuable technologies of the Defense sector, alongside financial and industrial investors, to enable them to develop autonomously.

With the participation of Safran Corporate Ventures, Innovacom and Starquest Capital.