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Remote sensing by laser

Remote sensing by laser, or LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is an active measurement technique that can be performed remotely and in real time. Based on similar principles to radar, LiDAR emits light beams from a laser and analyses the reflected wave. It enables measurement of 3D physical properties such as the distance away of an object, wind speed, air temperature and pressure as well as numerous other more specific characteristics of air or of materials.


LiDAR applications are just as varied as the available data. Top-of-the-range LiDAR systems are for example used near airport runways or wind turbines for wind measurements, yet, in a completely different field, it is possible to use LiDARs in agrology where they can be used to analyze crops and optimize the distribution of fertilizers thus preserving the soil and the environment while increasing crop yields. In reality, LiDARs cover practically all application fields, whether civilian or military.


However, LiDAR technology is subject to two main limitations resulting from the propagation of light in the atmosphere. Firstly, light is absorbed, which leads to a loss of power and hence in the range of the beam. Secondly, light waves that propagate in the air are affected by atmospheric turbulence. The latter influences the phase and the intensity of the light beam as a result of inhomogeneity and constant movements of the air. This phenomenon also causes a loss of power when the signal is received and consequently also limits the range. In particular, the atmospheric turbulence may cause loss of information during measurement.


Thanks to its TILBA solution, Cailabs enables:

  • To increase the range and robustness of optical measurements in the atmosphere.
  • Where transmission is concerned, to optimally combine a large number of sources to economically increase the transmission power.
  • Where reception is concerned, to limit the influence of atmospheric turbulence on the optical measurement.


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