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Why work at Cailabs?


To work at a very innovative company

Fundamental innovations are rare but have a lasting impact

Cailabs has a passionate team. United by a common goal, they use light shaping technology to solve their partners’ problems.

The company’s technical skills are currently based upon the work of more than 15 physicists.

This team effort has led to the creation of 19 patent families, the world record for optical fiber transmission speed and numerous international innovation awards for its unique technology and products.


To work with a dynamic and tight-knit team made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds

Today, Cailabs employs more than 40 people. The team is made up of a diverse network of individuals (optical technicians, salespeople, engineers, digital communication staff, etc.) who come from very different backgrounds (telecom operators, strategy consulting, large energy companies, start-ups, academic research, cheese factory, etc.)

Their combined expertise enables Cailabs to provide photonic solutions that are essential to today’s industrial challenges.

The work environment is great, reinforced by the many internal events designed to help strengthen ties between employees.


To be part of an international company

The majority of Cailabs’ clients can be found abroad. Today, Cailabs generates most of its sales outside of France, primarily in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Cailabs participates in many international events, including major exhibitions and conferences on optics and photonics, ensuring that the company is visible on the international scene.


Rennes, an ideal place to live

The city of Rennes is known for its high quality of life. Cailabs benefits from the telecommunications technology ecosystem in Brittany as well as its proximity to Paris.

Cailabs is located in the heart of the city, accessible by public transport and set amongst lush greenery.


The benefits at Cailabs

  • Meal vouchers
  • 100% healthcare coverage
  • Sick leave, maternity and paternity leave paid at 100%
  • Bike incentive program


Cailabs in numbers (as of October 31, 2019)

  • Number of employees: 44
  • Number of children present at the Christmas party: 47
  • Average age: 34
  • Percentage of women in the company: 35%
  • Percentage of women on the managerial team: 44%
  • Number of nationalities: 7
  • Number of languages spoken: 13
  • Number of programming languages used: 1 – Python!
  • Number of employees who commute to work by bike or public transportation: 75%



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