The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting The Metal Plate

Cailabs' talk at EPIC Meeting on High Power Laser Systems

October 10, 2019 - Almelo, The Netherlands
October 10 at 4.45pm


Pu Jian, VP Product Management & Partnerships at Cailabs will present “Fully reflective versatile beam shaping enabling industrial laser material processing up to 20kW” during the EPIC meeting on High Power Laser Systems to be held at PBF, (Almelo, The Netherlands).


The EPIC Meeting on High Power Laser System aims to bring together the main drivers of laser applications that require KW+ power or high fluence in an optical beam. The purpose of this meeting is to identify user needs and find suitable innovative solutions, for the applications that are driving this market. The main topics that will be addressed include: Beam shaping for high fluence lasers: “Gaussian” vs “Top Hat”; Beam Propagation Ratio (M2) measurement;  Cooling or power dissipation. Challenges of the power supply and power electronics such as current ripple, dimming, pulse width modulation (PWM) interfacing, pulse reproducibility and stability will be addressed. The companies in charge of the manufacturing Laser pumps, diodes, fibers, laser head and other components will present their state-of-the-art technology.